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Technical Support

We provide technical support to keep your business running and prevent your technology from being a headache. 


System Upgrades

As experienced system builders and installers we can upgrade your system to improve performance and productivity.


Monthly System Maintenance 

We run a monthly maintenance plan to do all the background tasks to ensure that your system is running as it should.

Our Technical Services
Device Maintenance

Device maintenance differs from the monthly system maintenance, where we provide a once off physically clean of everything gathering within your system

Hardware Solutions

We can supply a wide range of hardware to make your home or business setup better in almost every way.

IT Auditing

Providing an IT Audit to keep track of your technical assets such as hardware and software to keep you informed.

Our Professional Team

                                                       The Bright Mind Behind City Computers

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Eben Jansen


Building and fixing systems for over 12 years as a hobby turned into a life passion when I completed my general BSc IT Degree. 

    4 years experience as an employee and 5 years Building                              Citycomputers has built up my experience and networks to find a              solution for all the IT problems I have faced.

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